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Please follow the links below in order to fill out the waivers needed for open play. Both waivers must be printed out and filled out FOR EVERY CHILD AND ADULT IN THE GROUP prior to attending an open play session. Please bring the completed waivers to your open play session. Thank you. 

Sensory Beans is a family facilitated, open-play sensory gym that provides a clean, safe, secure, indoor, sensory rich environment for children of all ages and abilities. Sensory Beans is an inclusive recreational facility where families can go to strengthen bonds with one another through functional play and fun. Children are not judged and are free to be themselves.  Unwanted behaviors are ignored and positive behaviors are reinforced. Children and their families are free to explore their surroundings and seek out activities that assist in development and growth, while building bonds within their families as well as with peers in their community. Siblings with different learning styles and abilities can play together in a common area that is relatable, safe and fun. Children are free to learn about their world in a self directed experience and no child is judged or made to feel inadequate. Social skills are strengthened and self confidence is increased. All children, typical developing as well as those with special needs, are encouraged to explore the facility in a safe, sensory seeking way, that allows them to have fun and take a break from their everyday demands.  Families are encouraged to connect with one another and act as a support for other families who may be experiencing a similar journey. Friendships are important to all children at all stages of their lives and Sensory Beans fosters this within their environment.  Families are encouraged to follow their children’s lead and utilize the gym in a way that is playful, functional, exciting and fulfilling to their sensory seeking behaviors.

To our old and new customers,


We could not be more excited to open our doors again to you and your families. With that said, Covid-19 cases are soaring in the US so we have to constantly remind ourselves that we are living through a pandemic of epic proportions. With this in mind, the following strict precautions need to be in place and observed at Sensory Beans for the safety of our visitors and employees:


  • At this time, we have updated our mask policy in accordance with CDC and NYS guidelines. Any fully vaccinated person will not be required to wear a mask in the facility. Any unvaccinated person should continue to follow guidelines and wear their mask. COVID questionnaires will continue to be required for every person entering the facility. As always, if you are not feeling well, under any circumstances, please visit us another time. We appreciate your support in keeping everyone safe!

  • Everyone who enters the gym MUST be wearing a mask that covers both their nose and mouth. The mask MUST remain on by all individuals for the duration of the time spent at Sensory Beans, including children. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING YOUR CHILD'S SPECIFIC NEEDS

  • Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the gym.  A reading of  99.8 or higher WILL NOT BE PERMITTED INSIDE THE FACILITY

  • Anyone exhibiting any other signs of illness will be asked to leave and return when they are symptom free for at least 2 weeks

  • Before entering the gym, all customers are required to wash and/or sanitize their hands

  • There is a limit of one adult per child in order to allow social distancing in the gym

  • Sensory Beans families should maintain a distance of 6 ft from other families whenever it is possible

  • Eating is no longer permitted within the gym

  • We will be closed between sessions to clean the gym and we will be cleaning the gym during the session

  • Families are strongly encouraged to regularly use the hand sanitizer stations located throughout the gym

  • Our COVID-19 waiver must be filled out for EVERY adult and child before entering the gym. This waiver, as well as the original Sensory Beans waiver, can be filled out beforehand by printing the posted waiver accessible at the bottom of this page

  • Reservations are required for all sessions.  They can be made online or over the phone by calling (516) 308-1462

  • Private sessions for small groups can be accomodated. If you are interested, please ask for more details

  • Online payment will be required at the time of reservation in an effort to limit in person transactions. No cash will be accepted.  Refunds will not be given for no shows.


We appreciate your support and understanding during this time. 


Thank you,

The Sensory Beans Team

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